Hi all! 

Well I am new to this site, with postings, I found SUG  about 2 and a half year ago, I was still in school and thaught I might be pregnant. Well I would have loved it, but I was not, and now I am trying for it. So to get to what I realy want to say… Lately with me trying to concieve I have done a lot of research! It started at the whole process of pregnancy on google then went to Youtube… Its just so much better watching it than just reading dont you think? So if you watch all these and take in consideration how some people take getting pregnant for granted then I get sad. I am not here to judge or anything but I think any woman, pregnant or not should watch those vidios, it gives a whole other side to pregnancy. Then I watched some on abortion as well, one where they took a scan while performing it, and the baby actualy got agro and went into survival mode when the abortionist did not even breack through the plasenta yet! The baby actualy screamed! And all this at a 12week pregnancy. All of you Ladys out there, most of the time life isr hard, but the choices you make, can make it better or worse. I think you wont be reading this if you did not need the advice and incourigement on what to do. I want to help, and be a shoulder, feel free to add me or talk to me. I just felt I had to share what I saw. Wishing you all a wonderfull day.