Im currently 17 weeks 4 days! I know im only 15…so young, but i really do love my unborn baby boy! He’s everything to me. Im so happy about this pregnancy, im not sad and miserable…im proud of this. Im strong and im willing to do this on my own if i have to! If my son’s father doesnt grow up, he wont have anything to do with his child, my baby will just be MY son! 

I couldnt be happier at school, i have so many great friends, the teachers are fab, and well my mum couldnt be better! She’s so strong, for me. She’s the main reason im still smiling. I know im going to be an amazing mummy, because my little man comes before everything now, he will always be my main priority. I dont understand why a man wouldnt want to know their child, its crazy. If i ever lost my baby id search for him until the day i died. 

Deciding on names is so tricky, ive got s many names in my head, but i dont know what he looks like…so how can i pick it so suit him? Hopefully pick one after the 4d scan…get a better look of him. My baby boy is everything to me! I love him!<3