I am now 15weeks pregnant and guess what?? My family still doesn't know about my situation. I just graduated last april 3, I got my college diploma but then I doubt if I'll be able to work to support my little angel. At the first three months of my pregnancy, things are fine, I'm one of the fortunate moms-to-be who didn't experienced morning sickness. But then as the second trimester of my pregnancy came, things are never the same before. I became so moody and sensitive, the fights between me and my boyfriend became intense until it leads to seperation.

Can't believe that soon I'll be a single mom…My parents still doesnt know about my situation, I don't want to be a burden to them. Things are getting complicated as I figure out that my ex-boyfriend is now flirting with other girls while I'm suffering from depression…Its like, he doesnt care at all..

And I remembered, four months ago, he told me that he really loved me and he is already sure that I'll be his last girl.The moment we found out that I'm pregnant, he told me that it is his will and it is not an accident..

And then now, here I am..alone and crying…

Its really hard, every night I'm crying because I don't know what to do and I'm scared. ,,

My exboyfriend is happy now, somewhere…..

But then I know everything happens for a reason…I know, I can make it even without my ex.boyfriend…