teen profile lonelyHey, I just found out I am 3 weeks pregnant. I haven’t even missed my period yet, but I had to go to the ER for another reason and thus found out. I just feel so alone.

The baby daddy is trying to be there, but he makes it clear that he wants an abortion. He also seems to keep forgetting that I am pregnant! He has offered me a drink twice in the last week! I don’t know what to do!

If I do get an abortion then I have to wait another whole month!! How I am spouse to keep this all in for another month?

I haven’t told my parents, and I dot know if I should because they will want me to keep it. Though the thought has crossed my mind on keeping my baby, I dot know how I would do it!!

Anyone out there, I need words of encouragement, or how people were able to make their decisions. I feel like I am angry I am angry with everyone, and I dot want to leave me house..is this normal?