I turned 17 at the beggining of this month (april 4th) as i had missed a period i took 2 pregnancy tests last friday which were both positive. I was extremly shocked and felt stupid for getting myself into this situation. I have only been with my boyfriend for 7 months and he has said he will stand by me through whatever decision I make. I told my mother and she has been really supportive, after seeing a doctor to confirm my pregnancy, I have been to an emergency pregnancy clinic and spoke to a counseller who has talked to me about my options. I dont know what to do as I have always been against abortions, but understand why people would have them and would never condemn anyone for having an abortion. However being adopted myself I just think i couldnt abort my baby as I could have been aborted myself. But I have only been with my boyfriend for 7 months and i love him very much, but im scared if we were to keep the baby that it would put pressure on our relationship and split us up, this is the last thing I want. I have spoken to him and he said his feelings would never change towards me and he would put me and our baby first. But I still worry as I have only been with him so little time and a baby is for the rest of our lives.

I have not told my father yet and i dont think i will unless i decide to keep the baby as i know he will be extremly angry at first, but i know both my parents would support me 100% if i was too keep the baby.

But i just have so many things going on in my head and i really dont know what to do, i know i have to make this decision myself which makes it harder.