Hi my names veronica and i just turned 17 in january. I have a boyfriend;we have been together for about a year and 5 months. My mother(single parent) is a strong very religious christian women and I love her to death. Last year me and my boyfriend had unprotected sex and i never thought much of it. Months after i was throwing up, constantly in the bathroom, and really strong pains in my stomach. Couple days after i decided to take a pregnancy test and it came out positive. I was excited but really nervous. I didnt know who to turn to. I called my boyfriend he cried and said he was very happy. I spoke with his mom and she said she would talk to my mother and have me take 2 more pregnancy test. That day came and both came out positive. When my boyfriends mom told my mom, my mom was in shock and started to cry. She said she never expected it out of me. My mom came in my room gave me a hug told me everything was going to be okay, and that she would take care of me. My boyfriends father went crazy because he also had his first son at 16 and said i needed to get an abortion. I said no , i dont believe in that and my mother said the same. About a week later i went to my first OBGYN appointment at 12pm and i was so happy everything was going fine. As soon as I saw the baby i was smiling and it was the best feeling i ever had in my life, unexplainable. Then as the nurse started to look into the sonogram screen, her face just froze and she didnt speak. My moms face also froze. I started asking whats going on, what happened, is the baby okay. The nurse says "the baby isnt in the right place," we have to get you to the hospital immediately." I didnt understand, her explanation was so simple. She left the room and my mom tried to explain better. The doctor came in and also explained to me that everything was going to be okay and that my baby was stuck in my fallopian tube which is known as ectopic pregnancy. I began to cry and scream. I couldnt believe it. My doctor said if i would have waited one more day i could have died. When i called my boyfriend to tell him everything all he did was cry and cry and i just hung up the phone because i could not stop crying and kicking and punching walls. Ten minutes after and i was already at the hospital waiting for my surgery. While all of this i had so many visitors i realized how many people actually supported and cared for me, i couldnt believe it I was actually feeling happy because of everybody coming in to pray and check on me. The doctors were very nice and caring, they told me they were going to try and save my tube. The next day my boyfriend came to visit me at the hospitall and everything was fine. After the surgery i was in recovery for 2 weeks and i didnt go to school, which later affected me. I thought about that baby every day for months and still do. Even though i didnt get an abortion for some reason thats what it felt like. I am very thankful for God for giving me a chance to live. From this experience I think I have become a stronger person. It was heartbraking for me, for alot of months. Now i have realized that i was not ready for a baby during these "teen years", I now understand why my mom always says "veronica you will have time to be a mother so don't rush things." I have a scar on my body for the rest of my life to remember that baby that never lived.


if you have any questions or anything to say, dont be shy! thanks for reading my story. Veronica!