i dont know how to help her !!

we meet on the phone thru a friend she was 15 and i was 23 we both lived in diferent states i was in a christian college and she was in a christian school … we talk for 2 hours everynight for 6 month , then she invited me to go and visit her for thanks giving day i went there with her mom's permision .. i stayed in her sister appartment she came over to spent the night with her too and we endup .. you know. i was virgin but i couldnt tell if she was .. in those 6 month that we talk she had some problems and i helpher out. and became so much closer.   we never planned to do anything is just happen .. then i came back  to college and i went for the summer to visit her, we di it again but this time she got pregnant .. i was scared she just toll me and desided with her mom to abort the baby .. i was so scared but i wanted the baby…i felt sad but at the same time her pastor and my pastor  knew i was there visiting her and they toll me to come back  inmediately or they would do something ..i came ..but we wantted to marry as soos as she got 18 i came home and we had a longdistant relationship for 6 month after that she changed on me it was different ..i repented of all i did and wanted to marry her cuz i really love her and all we went thru but now i found out  letter that she was cheating anyway .. now she is having alot of problems we dont comunicate anymore cuz i was forbided for my pastor and her pastor but i know she is going for problems and she is living a married life if you know what i mean .. she is only 16 now and really hard headed.  she dont understand but deep inside she knows that the guys are dating now  are just taking advantage … and she likes sex .. i want something  for preventing this because i know she still in time before is too late and get pregnant with some guy who dont even care for er i know that for sure . and we all know whats the end of it ..iam praying for her but  now its seems she dont want to listen to nobody .. i dont know how to help her ..the only thing i know soon she will get pregnant like her sisters ..  the last text she send me  said that she would killherself .. because i toll her that we had to stop comunicating cuz she choose her path already with that other guy . d that life  but i dont know .i know she neds help  i cant be there now  i wish but i cant .  but iam really worried  for her i love her but i know she is   being just stubborn but i know she will realize with time about now but it will be late cuz probably she will end up pregnant again or even worst and i want to avoid it if it can be possible somebody can talk to her anonimously  without mentioning my name. .. i am desesperate ..