I am pretty sure I am a few weeks into pregnancy. I am nineteen years old, my fiance’ is in the United States Marine Corps. We recently solved a lot of problems in our relationship and spent a few weeks together recently while we were fixing our relationship. During that time – I had unprotected sex. I cannot use birth control because I get blood clots and most other methods are not safe because I have a blood disorder. I am also highly allergic to spermicide and latex and even the non-latex or spermicidal condoms irritate me. I have been suffering from nausea, frequent urination, breast pain, and headaches for about a week. I am really nervous because we are still in a point where we aren’t ready to settle down with a family. His career in the Marines has only just begun and I am not ready to get married. We didn’t to be like the other military couples and get married and have kids at a young age. This is throwing a major dent in my plan. I dont want to get an abortion despite the risks of my pregnancy because of my medical condition. I would look into adoption though. I told my mom and my step mom but telling anyone else will be difficult. My fiance is absolutely a basket case about everything, but he is trying to stay calm and be my anchor at rough seas.

I am taking my test in the morning, Im so scared.

Any advice? Anything?