Days went on, and i became an emotional wreck. The pain had gotten worse and i had lost fifteen pounds in less then two weeks. I didn’t know if i should blame my doctor for the pain and not doing a Urine test. But whatever. I was about four weeks already, and i wasn’t able to work because no pills no nothing made the pain ease and avoided as much pills as possible. I had to consider abortion. There was so no way i was ready for mother hood.  I wasn’t going to fall back on support from the government. I was  stuck in a grocery store and i still wasn’t even in college. I wanted to be prepared, to have a nice home, to be able to give my baby anything from my own wallet and love. But i didn’t have nothing. I couldn’t let my baby have nothing. It broke my heart so much, because my first baby was supposed to be my FIRST baby…. and i just didn’t know what to do.