Okay so i need so advice on what to do and think.I’m 14 going to be 15 in April and i have a very bright future,but I am worried that i have become pregnant. My boobs have been hurting,which could be from going to the gym.I’ve been feeling nauseate and blotted almost nonstop.I’ve been getting horrible cramps mostly in the morning.And been more tired then usual. I’m on medication birth control, Mood stabilize, and ADHD. I stooped taking all of them since Wednesday since birth control made me start my period and the other medication can cause birth defects, and if i am pregnant i want the best for my baby.I have talked to my boyfriend about it and we both decided abortion is not the answer for us if i am.I want to tell my mom about it but then my mom will just become angry at me and him so i haven’t said anything really to any of my family member.This scares my badly because this could mess up a lot of my future plans.But i would do anything for my kid.It would be too soon to take an over the counter test and to go to the doctors my mom would have to know because she is my doctor. please give so advice or something I’m going insane over this!!!