My hearts your home, my love is what wills you stay. My life is what yearns for you to live. I never thought I would be here, its someone elses life I am living, I  didnt kiss you goodbye. I am choking on the words I didnt get to say to you baby girl, I pray i get the chance one day. I still think you will be there like before, Some things a heart wont listen too, I am still holding on for you.. I can hear you smile in the dark, I can feel you breathing, Daylight chases the ghosts, I see you cold and I fall apart. Time is suppose to heal but my heartache grows with each day your gone. I should get up and dry my eyes and move ahead, at least thats what daddy would have said, I still holding out for you. Faithfully I trace your face as I sleep, its the only true comfort I feel, my darling angel above your face is in everything i see you in everything. I feel myself losing you at the same time straining to hold onto you. I hold on to moments, faces, noises, laughs, even cries. Your life was full though short. I hold onto every night that I held you to my heart and fed you from my person. I remember staring down at the little sucking face to eager and content. your hair was dark and you were the chubbiest baby. I was so tired Angel, you never gave me a break, I look back at those nights I got to hold you and you trusted me with your every need. A bond so strong that I would have given my life for your mire fiber of happiness. I can hear the silent mule of your efforts and then silence, just me and you. I treasure those moments. I treasure the first time you realized I was you mom. You hurt yourself and looked up with those huge brown eyes full of tears and reached for me. you lay your head on my shoulder and shuddered. You calmed in my arms knowing you were safe. I could have held you all day. I carry these moments with my ever moment of my day. I am still holding onto you Angel. You surely were a gift from God, people float through our lives to teach us, you were sent to me to teach me how to love. Love is the only wish I have for your sister or brother that grows inside me. My wish is that they are loved.