I am 17 and im 10 weeks pregnant. I dont really know what to do or what will come, but I have support from my mom, most of my family and my boyfriend. I am still with my boyfriend and we are engaged, but its like he doesnt understand what im going through.

    He seems really immature and it bothers me. He thinks that 100 when ever he can work ( which hasnt been a lot) is a job… I cant really work right now between of my school and the " morning sickness" which lasts all day. I dont know how I will be able to do this, my mom says not to worry because she will make sure everything will be okay, although I want to be able to do it on my own… I really need some reasurence that Im not alone even though it feels like it.

     My so called friends dont talk to me much and I cant figure out if its because I am pregnant or because I just swiched schools… I really feel plaged. Is this normal, does this happen to a lot of pregnant teens? I really need a friend or even someone to talk to.  My social life is now spending time with my boyfriend ( who lives with me and my mom) and my mom, her girlfriend and her 4 yr old son who wants to play all the time and doesnt know why im always sick or why he has to play easy with me now. I suffer from deppresion already, now that it seems everyone is not here. I feel selfish…. I previously had a miscarage 2 weeks before my 16th brithday, so now that Im pregnant again Im really scared about haveing another…

    I had my first ulter-sound on the 12th of feb. and it was amazing. I cant wait for everything….  but mainly for my second tri so the morning sickness to stop… lol.