Dear Becky, I’m excited to have someone like you for support! My due date is January 30th. Your story is incredible and I look up to you for the way you have learned to live. You are a very good person and have a lot to offer! I wish more people knew about you and the website. I have recently been involved in a pregnancy center in my area. I had to get proof of pregnancy for medicaid so I went to them.

I am actively involved in a program they have called “Earn While You Learn”. I go every week for and hour or so. I watch a video, do a work sheet,and receive homework for the week. I earn “baby bucks” to spend in a boutique they have full of baby things and necessities. I am currently saving them all until after the baby shower.

I am still looking for a job. I have a good chance at a gas station. I am waiting to hear back from them. I am on Food stamps, Medicaid and WIC. I just applied for cash assistance. Now waiting for a letter in the mail stating weather or not I was approved. Thank you for all your advice and help. I also hope we stay in touch! 🙂