I Have  A Boyfriend, He is homeless too. we both decided to be like this.

i have been with him 4 about a year and 4 months and recently have been having sex with him, when i went to have a pregnancy test, my stomach was turning and my head was spinning, as soon as i got out of the bathroom i fainted, in my boyfriends arm. when i was concious i told him i was pregnant, and he was jumping up and down with exitement. I knew i HAD to tell my parents, and we both decided we were gonna tell our parents, and we did at the same day, next thing we know both our parents are screaming at us, my dad threw a glass at me and my boyfriend took me away, we are now living at a mates and sorting a house out. i was thinking about having an abortion, i rang them but i didnt talk. i love my boyfriend to bits and he really wants the baby. I have GAD ( general anxiety disorder) and really panicking, i need a friend to talk to, i dont have any friends because all of them are bit***s!!!  i really feel alone.