well i feel its time to take off what i had written on the front page of my blog…its been hard but i know that my little angel would want me to try and move on…this is what i had written………….well i just found out 2 days ago that im PREGNANT!! and today the 4/7/09 (im in Australia so it looks different to some lol) i am 4 weeks pregnant im sooooo excited i cant wait to meet my little one…i want the next 36 weeks to hurry up and come lol
I havent been on here in a while..i lost my baby on the 20th of august….i was nearly 11 weeks…it has been really hard and im still trying to heal…i will always love my little angel and we will meet in heaven. it is a long story as to what happened and im not ready yet to say it all.
R.I.P my little baby mummy and daddy love you very very much xxxx………….its really hard for me to read the first part because i remember writting it so vivadly and the feelings i was feeling then. i am going to try and move on but i will NEVER forget my baby.