How to keep yourself happy and stable during pregnancy
You are craving chocolate ice-cream at two in the night, laughing aloud one moment and feeling completely worthless the next. Your nesting instincts are on an all-time high and you want to scrub those floors sparkly clean and feed everyone some pudding.You don’t even understand why the sunset made you cry and why just the […]
pregnancy health

pregnancy health

You are craving chocolate ice-cream at two in the night, laughing aloud one moment and feeling completely worthless the next. Your nesting instincts are on an all-time high and you want to scrub those floors sparkly clean and feed everyone some pudding.You don’t even understand why the sunset made you cry and why just the sight of that bagel can start up a session of vomiting.

Pregnancy is anything but easy, sure it’s blissful at times but at others it can get pretty demanding. All that progesterone and estrogen can run riot in our bodies and we can end up feeling really exhausted and upset.

While mood swings, outbursts, cravings are inevitable during pregnancy, there are some simple ways by which we can stay happy and energized (yes I did say happy and energized) during pregnancy as well.
Eat with a Tinge of Caution
Pregnancy is pretty extreme swinging from one end to the other. Sugar and processed foods will seem to be your best friend. Doughnuts, cookies, sandwiches with lots of butter and cheese become your to-go foods. Now, of course this is a time for joys and indulgence and probably the only time you can eat without guilt. There is a miracle taking place inside you, but just remember that your posterior and those thunder hips and thighs you are making, eating all that cheese and chips will not disappear miraculously. So eating right is pretty damn important even during pregnancy.
Moreover,eating a wholesome and nutritious diet during pregnancy is not just beneficial for your body, but also for the proper development of the fetus as well.Vegetarians and lactose intolerant people need to pay special attention to their diet. So while you can binge on the breads, cheeses and chocolates, make sure you also get plenty of vegetables, fruits, eggs, lentils and dairy products in your diet.
Eating these foods will not only regulate your body but beans, lentils, spinach and dairy products like yogurt with strawberries are great mood enhancers and energy boosters as well. A good dosage of these will definitely keep away postpartum depression and even curb those volatile mood swings.
Dressing up is Fun during Pregnancy Too!
You know one common thing I see in a lot of women during pregnancy is that they start having a lot of self-image issues.And I just cannot understand why. I mean yes you have a bloated belly and you are probably a few pounds heavier but you are beautiful. Pregnancy gets this amazing radiance and glow in a woman and believe me your fuller figure will be appreciated by a lot of people. So why not dress up and play up your looks instead of playing them down?
You will have to say goodbye to a lot of your favorite lingerie now, what with all that volume in the butts, breasts and thighs. However, there are a lot of pretty maternity lingerie options available now, pick ones that do maximum justice to your new curves.
Another myth, wear only loose clothes during pregnancy. Wearing those XXXL clothes during your pregnancy is doing nothing to you except making you look like a barrel. So get up and up that style quotient.
There are lots of stylish and comfortable options available for maternity wear now, from jeggings and dresses to knitwear and versatile jackets. They fit you well and make you look great. When you look great, you automatically feel great. A nice pair of flat sandals, your favorite scarfs, and an elegant pair of studs go a long way in making you pretty, pregnant and poised.
Catch Up on Romance
If this is your first baby, it is also probably the first real break you are taking away from work.Heavy schedules of couples often throws the romance out of the window. But with some time in your hand, why not rekindle the romance with your partner now?
Pregnancy gives you that much needed time to reconnect and communicate with your partner before the beginning of a whole new chapter. So talk, giggle, watch mushy movies, action flicks if you like and don’t just concentrate on the baby (talk about it obviously) but concentrate on yourselves too as a couple. After all it’s a happy couple that makes great parents.
Surprises and dates are such a great way to bring the fire back. Start dating again; go to all the places you all loved to frequent during those initial years of the relationship. Text him “I love you” just randomly or maybe even drop him a naughty message (wink! wink!)
Surprise him with his favorite dish that you haven’t cooked forever or simply turn the passion on with some scented candles and sexy lingerie. He needs a break from the moodiness, crankiness and whining too you know and what can be a better surprise than some romance right?
Vacation Time!
Yes, it’s babymoon time.That one last vacation just for the two of you before the little one arrives is a great way to reinvigorate yourself. So do take a vacation with your partner to some serene beautiful location with customized rooms for you, maybe some parents-to-be classes, spas and relaxation centers.
We all saw what a beautiful beaming mother-to-be Kate Middleton made during her babymoon to the West Indies.Take inspiration and let yourself get all pampered and loved during the vacation. Hotels and resorts across the world are catching up to this trend of babymoons and providing many customized and special facilities for the vacationing parents-to-be. Do your research well before picking your destination and ensure you talk to your gynecologist about the conditions and precautions before you embark on travelling.
Exercise Regularly
Finally, to stay healthy, happy and energetic during your pregnancy, include some exercise in you routine.
Some form of physical activity whether walking, swimming or pilates during pregnancy is great to keep your body posture and flexibility. Mothers that continue with exercise during pregnancy often are better prepared for the physical challenges of labor and childbirth.
Besides, exercise inevitably makes you feel fresher and more positive as we release the mood-enhancing hormone endorphin while performing any physical activity.
It also helps you stay in better shape and pumps more blood to the heart and take in a lot of oxygen. All of these don’t just regulate stress that you will often feel now but also will benefit your baby’s health.
Yoga and meditation are also great techniques of relaxation and will help you calm your nerves.If you like dancing you can always join some pregnancy dance courses and sway with the music. You will definitely feel happier and energized.Moreover, these classes also give you an opportunity to meet and bond with other pregnant ladies. Who knows you all may actually form your own pregnant girls’ club and laugh at each other’s idiosyncrasies and moodiness during pregnancy or just share valuable baby information.A support group always helps. Exercise also helps you to sleep better and rest is of utmost importance during pregnancy.
Pregnancy is a beautiful phase of any woman’s life and will be full of moments of jubilation and tears. So feel blessed and deal with your pregnancy in the right way to stay happy and healthy. And yeah! The moment you see your baby for the first time, elation and energy will take on a whole new meaning for you.

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