hi my name is Samantha and i’m 15 years old. yesterday if some of ya’ll saw my blog you would know my problem that is going on with my right now.i have been in a really deep depression since yesterday and my teacher yesterday gave me some good advice and told me if you keep up with like cleaning or something you wont be as depressed as much, she said if you clean the bathroom or something it will help you out a lot, and if you are like me and are in some what the same possession as me then this really does work. if you are not talking to your parents then do  what i did, walk straight into your house don’t say a word and just start cleaning something, clean the bathroom do the dishes take care of the pets do the laundry, and take a shower. it really does make you feel a little bit better. and if you keep doing it then hopefully at some time you will fall out of your depression. i know its working well for me. i haven’t fallen out of it yet but i know i will soon, but trust it will work and will make you feel better. if you have any advice to give me or want to talk to me i would deeply appreciate it. please message me here on stand-upgirl

standupgirl: sammy1214 thank you and i hope to here from you soon. BYE-BYE for now.