It all started 6months ago in November with this feeling I couldn't shake. It was the feeling that I was pregnant and that I wouldn't get my period that month. Really I had the feeling that i was pregnant since me and my ex-boyfriend had un-protected sex. An the feeling only grew when the weeks in November roled by. It was the second last week of November and my boyfriend told me over msn that he had ALREADY moved away from Ontario to Alberta, and that our relationship was over. I was devasted. He had been my first boyfriend and we had been dating for over 4months. After he told me that he was now in Alberta ,I told him I was pretty sure I was pregnant. He was shocked, he told me it was my decision on what to do about it.

Well the first thing I did was take a pregnancy test I had hidden in a drawer in my room. Well I took it first thing in the morning before I went to school. An that stupid lil pink sign was positive.  I was soo scared. I always thought I would have a abortion when if I had gotten pregnant before I was 18. Well November turned into December, then chirstmas holidays. and before I knew it. It was the first monday back after holidays well i woke up that morning and had horrible morning sickness. I just told my mom i must be catching the flu or something.An stayed home sick that day, I sleeped till almost 3 in the afternoon. The next day i got sick again, well then i told my mom i thought i might be pregnant. Well she was upset , but mostly just concerned. On Thursday she came home with a pregnancy test for me to take. I prayed that it would be negative but no, it was positive again, i was definatly pregnant. 2weeks later me and my mom had a heart to heart about it. I told her it had been my first time, but it wasn't really. But that night we decided we we're keeping the baby, i was staying in school and i would always be living with them. It was a hard road to decide that but its the only decision i could make and not regret. An to this day I still dont regret it.