Hi my name is mackenzie, 

the best thing that has ever happened to me is my boyfriend mikey. we have had sex in the past and decided to do it again, im 13 years old and he is 14 i know we are very young, but im pregnant i have the syptoms heartburn, peeing a lot, fatigue, major abodominal pain, and nausea. i will be about 2-3 weeks prego im not sure. I would never ever consider abortion. And my sister is taking me to a planned parenthood by my house. then buying me a few extra tests just incaes it shows up negative.  and thats not right. No rude comments, this is my baby and im gonna keep him/her. if i am stupid enough to mess up and create him/her then i will raise her. therefore she is my child! next year i will go to  a s chool that allows you to have your baby there, because its for young mothers. but the hardest thing im gonna have to do is tell my mother.