I met my Baby's dad back in Nov. we were getting along great so I thought, then in Jan he broke up with my via TEXT message…ya I know coward right.  Well 2 weeks go by and he starts sending me text messages, calling me and saying how he wanted to get back togther, so stupid ME, I let him back in my life, then by the 2 week in Feb. I found out I was 6 weeks prego. I told him about it and he was all excited, wanted to do whatever it took to make sure things woudl work out. Well he works night and I work days, both full time and so we NEVER see each other, maybe twice a week IF that. So it has really put a strain on us, more me then him cause of the emotional roller coaster that pregnant woman get to go throuhg (ugh). He does not understand what thats about and thinks that I am just being a bitch or am being moody for no reason, then wants to fight with me about it. So to say the least, we have not been getting along, he has no idea what its like. Being by your self at night, feeling your baby move and having no one to share it with, or when I am crying no one to cry to, or when I am happy no one to share that with, just me and my unborn son. I am now 24 weeks into this and last week he tells me that he just wants to be friends, WTF, Are you kidding me right now is what is going through my mind.  He says he wants to be friends, but that he wants to come around and do his part, so in my mind I am thinking oh yea, where the hell have you been for the last 24 weeks, I have done it alone thus far, I guess I really dont need you now,Yes I am hurt, pissed and REALLY feel all alone now. I moved back with my mom and told him that I would call him in about 15 weeks when our son came. He didnt like that but you know what at this point, why should I care, he has not been here so what….I have so much resentment towards him right now, that I think, ….as much as it hurts….That he just not come, I am not very happy!