so, i just joined this website today looking for some nice people to chat and relate too, ive been  on this site before looking at all the different stories and comments and it seems like everyone is so nice and supportive so i decided to become a member today so hello everyone!

my situation:

actually there are 2

the first one is, that i am dating this amazing guy. he would do everything and anything for me, hes funny and smart, and he is truly amazing.we have almost been dating for a year now. then there is my ex, the first serious boyfriend i ever had. we dated for about 3 years and he is the one i lost my virginity too. after we broke up we were both really hurt and upset which led to not talking for bout half a year. we started talking again about 3 or 4 months ago, and everytime we hangout i feel that special connection that only me n him will ever share. everytime we are together it is like we never stopped dating. i dont know what to do, i feel that my heart lies with both guys. im really confuzzed and any advice would be greatly appreciated.

number 2 – im sopposed to be on my period and it is mia, im kind of freaking out.. 🙁