Hi all.

I am a tipical 22 year old girl and my little story is like most of the rest, I think. I grew up in a good home, my parents are the best!! I finished, school started work at an accounting firm – alone in a different town where no one knew me. Made some friends, good and bad. This all happened in less than a year mind you. THEN MY LIFE CHANGED!!!!! I met a man, 8 years my senior, & quot;fell in love" and against my better judgement moved in with him. The parents went crazy. Anyway, on 25 November 2005 I found out I was 8 weeks pregnant!!! O my goodness what am I to do now? Parents were devestated, dad didn't talk to me for weeks. I was 19, barely. The guy seemed strangely happy, his parents and family members also. So we decided to get MARRIED – I don't recommend anyone getting married at 19, no matter what the cercumstances may be!!!!! Didn't think it was the best thing but still I stupidly agreed. So we got married and a few short months later I gave birth to a big, beautyful baby boy, Lian Jurie Schoeman.

 Now, let me tell you it wasn't all moonshighn and roses, o no, for after Lian was born we started fighting. I remember the last time, he picked me up by my neck, tried to strangle me, and I woke up on the floor. Its' been a year – we're still married. Why? you ask. I forgave him. If he intended to realy hurt me – he would have hurt my son. He never ever layed a hand on my son in anger – not once! Things where going so bad at that stage – financially, his father moved in with us – all those elements where against us. 

These days – we are in love – realy in love this time!! Things change, people change – and MEN DO CHANGE!!!! Life goes on. I've thought of running away – many times – I woun't lie about that, but my son keeps me going.

 February of 2009 we will be married 3 years and June of 2009 little Lian will be 3 years old AND 2 weeks ago I found out I was pregnant with another baby – on 25 November 2008. Isn't that funny 🙂

There are happy endings and new beginnings 🙂