Just a bit about me =)

So my name is Debbie, I live in England, I’m 19 years old, been with my lovely boyfriend for 4 and a half years and as of today I am 19 weeks pregnant with our first baby =)
We are both excited about becoming parents as its what we’ve both wanted since we first got together. It wasn’t a planned pregnancy as we had just got back together after having a break for a few months but we are both more than happy about going through with it, and even though we argue quite a bit with my bad mood swings we are still a strong couple, to be honest I think its brought us closer together =). I have been asked that as it was basically a mistake getting pregnany why didnt I just get rid of it but I have always been adamant about never having an abortion, I’m not saying I’m against them if someone has reason to do it then I’m not going to hate against them for it, I just personally could never go through with it. I have to say though, whoever said that pregnancy was the best time of their life is lying, as far as I’m concerned its a pain in the arse lol! Although I’ve had no morning sickness I get the sicky feeling, headaches, stomach aching, back ache, dizzy spells, I get the lot!

Anywhoo, enough of my babbling lol =)

Much Love x