hey everyone, i just found this site last night and i hope talkin with other ppl in my situation will help me a little. im 19 and 6 months pregnant. i found out on my bday, exactly one week after my bf of a year broke up with me. he says he wants to still be in the babys life and be friends, but it is so hard because im still in love with him. and its hard being his friend when i know hes hanging out with other girls and going to parties every weekend. it hurts me so much cuz im out workin hard for our baby boy, in college full time and working full time. he works maybe 15 hours a week. im just scared that hes not going to be there for the baby if he cant even be there for me now. all we do is argue and are not talking at the moment. and my friends do not understand at all.. they just think im gonna have a fun baby to play with but as you guys know thats not how it is. i love my baby and cant wait for him to get here, but im still a mess. i just wish me and my ex would get back together and hed change back into the great guy he once was. if anyone has any advice or a similar story, please share with me. i need all the help i can get!