Hey everyone,
ok.. I know you all know what it feels like to struggle with stuff, and go through hard times, and have fears and questions, and feel lonely and confused.  We all go through times like that.  Well, I was getting to a pretty low point in my life.. like LOW.  I have grown up in church my whole life, and have been a Christian since i was very little, but i drifted away in the past couple years.  And I had given up on the hope that anyone could care about me enough or love me enough to save me from falling.  I couldn’t feel God there at all, and i even doubted that he existed.
But then.. I went on a youth retreat with my church, i guess almost as a final attempt to feel anything.  To feel God again.  And I don’t know how but something changed.. And i FELT him.  I FELT his love for me.  I was SHOCKED by his forgiveness and acceptance of me even though i seriously screwed up ALOT.  I don’t know what your beliefs about God might be or even if you believe in Him at all.. but I just wanted to invite any of you who are interested or have questions or opinions about God and being a Christian or anything like that, i’d love to discuss it with you.. I’ve said before, i don’t judge people.  I have messed up horribly in the past.  I have no right to point any fingers.  And i promise i’m not a going to preach at anybody lol, I’m a Christian and i can’t even stand it when people do that.
I’m just inviting anyone to ask any questions or discuss beliefs with me who wants to.  I know alot of you are probably going through a very difficult time right now.. just wanted to remind you that God cares and is there for you!  and i care too.
Check my profile out and be my friend if you aren’t already!  Love to hear from you…