After 8 long weeks in hospital Leo has finally settled in at home with us, with his family, where he belongs.  Its been a long couple of days since he’s been home. Restless nights, stressful days. But seeing my son’s smile at home is fantastic. Me and Lee are getting a lot of help from his family at home, seeing as we live there. His mum takes him for an hour or so each day so we can get some sleep, and if i need to do any school work. We’re not keen on someone taking him out the house yet, he’s still so small and he isnt immune yet, we dont want him catching bugs. 

Lee has already had a mix up, he made Leo’s first bottle at home. He put two extra scoops of powder and made it with cold water. It was so funny. Im not returning back to school until September. But i have to go in if there is an exam. Ive got a Geography one on the 14th June. Then thats it until next year. So i can spend as much time as i want with my gorgeous son and fiance. 

Leo wakes up about 4 times during the night, but im getting used to waking up, so is Lee. Its all been very stressful. We’re getting there though.

Leo has gained 2 pounds since being at home, been over feeding him haha. Im so proud of him. So im sorry if i post to many pictures of him 🙂 I just love him so much……