I had my doctors appointment yesterday they did a urine test and told me what I already knew..suprise! You're pregnant! So Monday I'm making appointments for an ultrasound for an actual due date, to get some blood work done (ick!), and for my first prenatal visit. So it looks like I'm now in this for the long run. I'm kind of excited I wish I knew the sex so I could start buying things . I'm almost 8 weeks right now. I've been feeling very queezy, tired and lonely. I wish I could stop crying for no apparent reason cos I'm driving myself looney, I wouldn't want to be around me, haha, but I guess I have no choice. So now I'm rushing to get my new place up and running before I'm too stinkin' big to do anything worthwhile. I have to paint 5 rooms, stain floors in 2 rooms, tile in 3 rooms, replace a sink and cabinet, and get the plumbing in my bathrooms claw foot tub. I give myself 2 weeks. Otherwise I'm figuring out what to do for stretch marks, so if you have any remedies send 'em my way I will love you for it!! I'm trying to be prepared as possible so if anyone knows anything you think would benefit me I would love to hear it! I'm just trying to make it like everyone else.