Hey Ya’ll! It’s Been Wayyy Too Long….Sooo Much Has Happened The Past Year Or So…Cayden’s Dad, Chris, Is Checking Into Rehab Tomorrow For The Second Time. I Hope And Pray He Can Actually Stay For A While This Time. I Might Be Pregnany Again…I’m Scared But Excited..Like I Almost Want Another Baby..Is That Bad?..It’s Selfish I Know…I Graduate June ’12 With A Certificate For  Administrative Assistant & If I’m Not Pregnant Than I Will Go On To Get My AA..Chris Is Supposed To Be In Rehab For 1 Year…I Dk…It’s Been A Crazy Year..A Crazy Two Years…My Parents Are Going To Hate Me Even More Than The First Time If I Am Pregnant Now…Again…Guess We’ll See What Happens The Next Few Weeks..I’ll Keep Ya’ll Updated 🙂