Hi my name is diamond jus two days ago i had found out that i was three months pregnant. i knw i was for the simple fact that i had missed my period twice.i jus didnt want t believe i was. I always wanted to have a baby even at this young age of 15 but i wanted to have it with the person i loved n i guessed it came true but i didnt knw how to break it down to him. i thought a lot about it like if i will really be ready to take care this baby with the situations that may come my way n i think i would. my mom didnt know either but ever since she seen the text messages of my n i bot friend talking about the time we had sex without a condom about three months ago she’s been telling me not to have a baby if you cant teach the baby or feed the baby you knw the qoute ut if you of Michael Jacksons songs lol. but i feel that i could take care my baby n teach my baby right from wrong but she seems not to think i could.
Before i meet my boyfriend i used to wild out but i guess he calmed be down a lot. I went to cheating on every relationship i ever had to being so faithful. i went from having sex with so many guys to just being with him.
but not too long ago when i had a hint that i was pregnant i had ask my boyfriend if i was to ever get pregnant would he ever change towards me and he told me yes. i had thought for the worst being that he would hate me but i asked him why n he said because he would love me more knowing that im the mother of his child n im the one he want to have his child. i asked him what would we do if i came pregnant n he first said he would want me to move n with him. so i feel better knowing that he say his going to be there for me but thats not always guaranteed.
My real fear is how im going to tell my mom cuz i have the feeling shes going to be pissed off at me cuz she had he child at 16 too n she didnt want none of this for us but i refuse to give up my child are have an abortion.
so could someone tell me what should i do i need help?