6 years ago I was in love with my bf. He went off to the army and we went our separate ways. 2 years ago i find him online and we finish where we left off. He promised me he wouldnt treat me the way he used to. He said i was a good woman and deserved to be treated that way. He told me that he wanted me to have his baby. So on sept 13 we came together and a life was created. I tell this man that i am pregnant with his child. He tells me that i had better get an abortion or never speak to him again. Now Im not one to get googly for a man but now this man was tellin me all good things months ago, has now changed his heart.

I want to beat the living Sugar Honey Iced T out of him.
I am here all alone with a baby to raise. He laid there with me and helped create it now he doesnt want to be man enuff to own up to it and raise it.

what do i do. im lost confused hurt angry shaking badly..and about to snap and lose it.