Hi Im Lottie and im 18 years old, me and my ex split up around 5months ago, and ever since then, I just don’t know what to do with myself. I could be myself round him, and he got on with my family, and I got on with his.. We didn’t work out because his parents were too controlling, he was an only child, so its understandable.. but I just feel like if we moved in together, things would be so much better.. Because even though I try to deny it, I do love him, I know some of you may read this and think I’m stupid, but its how I feel. I would love to move in with him, and have a family of our own, I work part time, and I wish I could afford a flat, but I couldn’t afford it :/ The past few nights, Ive been aching for a child :/ I really don’t know why. I know my ex and I would make great parents, and he says it all the time, but I could never see us being happy unless we were living together.. When we were together, I used to miss him every second we were away from eachother, and he said he felt the same, but I don’t know, his actions didn’t match his words.. I’m so sad about us breaking up, and ive been in and out of relationships since we split up, but they never work because me and my ex always seem to run into eachothers paths, in a way it seems like its meant to be, but I dont know what to do. Last year was such a horrible year, and its really starting to affect me.. My mom and dad split up last January, In July we lost our dog, then me and marc split up, then I lost my Grandad, I lost my bestfriend, just before Christmas my brother beat me up..Its starting to affect me really bad,I just sit up all night thinking and I often cry myself to sleep… Im hurt… confused and in need of help.