I need everyones thoughts on this because I can’t take a pregnancy test until at least the beginning of September. So if you could comment this er something and let me know whether you think i might be pregnant or not, please? because I wanna make sure if you guys think I am that i stop doing all the bad things, yeah know?

I’m 15 and the boy is 18 🙂
Alright so heres the story: Me and this guy started talking around 2 years ago because my moms best friends son was best friends with him, okay thats confusing hahaha, but then last summer we finally hungout mostly alone and ended up just talking about stuff&we ended up kissing.
Since then we talked off and on.
This past May he was at my friends birthday party, hes her cousin, and we ended up leaving the party for a bit to go talk about stuff. We decided that we both felt something big every time we hangout, the only thing is…he has a girlfriend, but hes only with her because shes 21 :/ but still. 

Anyways one night we were partying together along with all our friends and went swimming in the river&he asked me to stay at his house with our two other friends and obviously i said yes. When we got to his house we showered together&yeah you know the rest 😛
After neither of us could sleep, but our 2 friends were already asleep when we got outa the shower, so we just sat there and talked to literally 4 hours straight 🙂
This summer we were always together and had been having sex(unprotected since I’m on birth control). At the end of July, right before i got grounded(i justt got off) we had sex, unprotected like always, but i hadnt been taking my birth control for a week because i forgot it when we all went camping. 

So now i’ve missed my period kinda, i’ve had light spotting.
and i’ve also: 

  • Had nausea/stomach pain, usually at night
  • Been nauseous when i smelled certain foods, even my usual favorites.
  • Been peeing a ton
  • Had breast tenderness, like its sore to wear a bra
  • Had heartburn I think