heyy everyone!
im gabby
i need some advice, im 2 months pregnant today! and i told my mum and dad they were the first people i told then i told my boyfriend and me and him are so hapy about the news!
my mum and dad said they were too & they acted happy about it too.
maybe it was all too good to be true! wich it was /images/english/emoticons/sad.png” alt=”” width=”20″ height=”20″ />
i overheard my mum and dad talking in the living room saying that she should have abortion again bcoz this is a massive mistk
and i feel so lost again i had a abortion 7months and 3 weeks ago this monday 23/3/09 bcoz they both maid me! and kno i feel they wont me to go thru all that all over again. me and ollie didt want to the first time and we deffo dont want to do it again it was a massive mistk and i dont kno what to do i want to keep my baby and i dont want him/ or her to be tken off me it would crush me
any advice?
how do i stand up to them tho?
and why cant they just be happy with my choice?
HELP please any advice?

thankyou!!! gabriella xxxx