I’m a 16 year old girl, still living with her mum and I think I might be pregnant. There is no question as to wether or not I’m keeping the baby, I could never let a life slip through my hands. My boyfriend is very supportive and says he will support me with my decision to keep the baby. However I know my mum won’t be as thrilled, I’m worried about being thrown out and if things don’t work with my boyfriend, I’ll have no-where else to go. However, just before I got back together with my boyfriend, I had a very drunken night and I may have had unprotected sex with someone. I’m friends with this person but I’m scared the baby might be his… I’m very very ashamed and have stopped drinking as a result. I love my boyfriend, but despite what he says I don’t think he’d cope well if it was someone elses. 
Can you get pregnant when you’re on your period? Sorry, it’s my first entry.. Please help? I really need advice, I’m really scared. xx