hello.i am sixteen years old and pregnant with my first baby girl.it seems weird coming from me-good girl,honor roll student,great family and friends-to be saying this.surprise-this is my second mistake.well it all began when i met this wonderful guy named dan(name has been changed).we hit it off really well and began to exclusively date,me not knowing he already had a gf.very sweet guy,very respectful .about three months into our relationship,i found out i was pregnant.he began with,it wasnt his,and im trying to pin it on him.but eventually he got used to it, and he was actually excited about it,and had picked out a name and everythin.but when i told him i wasnt goin to be keepin it,he was crushed.it had really hurt him.we continued dating after i gotten the abortion.aa couple months later,i found out i was expecting again.by then we were beginning to drift apart and well things were a little rocky.but netherless he stayed with me and we tried 2 make things work.but as an ex-boyfriend came into the picture and was becoming a close friend,dan couldnt take it and broke it off with me.i have to admit i still have feelings for him and he has told me he still loves me,but he has a girlfriend and i have a boyfriend.even when his friends have called me degrading names and told him the baby wasnt him,he stood up and defended my name and said it was. he has always told me he loves the baby very much and would like 4 her to be named kristal.he has accepted the idea of bein a teen father until one of his aquaintences who he considers very wise,told him he was too young and didnt have the knowledge to care 4 a baby.i told him neither did i,but he has completely made a u turn,and says he wont be in her life and even denies her sometimes.he has most recently told me to get rid of that *%#%$# baby,and have an abortion.even though i do not know her yet,i know i love her very much and will not do this to her,not a second time.my family and friends have been very supportive of me keeping the baby and have always been there for me,i am very thankful for them!