i havent been on here uch lately, i feel like im neglecting you girls. why? because i know when i first joined with my story and with talking to people i helped a lot of girls to calm down,see that whatever the situation was-its not so hopeless and dark as it may seem- either if they just found out they were pregnant, they decided to keep it, they just went through an abortion, or because they lost their child. its funny, so many different situations, i am still young (well atleast i think i am) yet i can relate to all of them.


i got my life somehow back on track with my last misscarriage. and i also decided ( with my doctors) that it looks like that adoption will be my only way. or surrogacy, but that isnt allowed wwhere i live.


im doing my MBA, workin, and thinkin about going somewhere far, like to kenia or zimbabwe, and help the people there, for a month,6months or maybe a year. i still havent made up my mind about it but i will let you know how things will work out.


as for the guys ive been with, the father of the child i aborted broke down a few months ago, everythin that seemed so right to him about the abortion at that time, didnt feel like that anymore, and we talked and cried and released balloons. i think that chapter of my life is reall closed/ended now.

the father of my girls…well we tried to work things out, but it just didnt go well,not well it didnt go at all, and you know what i matired enough to see i do not need someone who would tell me how i feel about anythin or do something that way, or would be al pissy at me just because he is in a bad mood. we are parents, we both love our girls, and we will be seeing eachother on angelversarys,but thats it. i will allways love him, he is the father, half of his heart, just like the half of  mine is gone, somewhere up there in heaven, and i think this will be the thing that wil allways connect us.


as for my relationship status, i am single, and i am enjoying it:)


ok that got pretty long, but like i said i felt bad for not being here for so long.