Yesterday my boyfriend and I went to the Health Center.
We got to talk to this girl, and she ave us the three options, abortion, adoption, and parenting. We were still looking into abortion.. But I didn’t know all the rinks that could come with it, and if I were to have the baby now.. There’s a chance it could live outside my womb 0.o. Not only that, but.. I mean, I have a baby now with someone I truly love, and it’s something we did together. This baby has a life, and did nothing to deserve me terminating it. I am very against abortion and so is my boyfriend. I jsut think he is highly convinced that we aren’t ready. Becuase, he deffintly cannot go through with adoption.
Now, that once again I am stuck on what to do.. I have to wait until Sunday to talk to Jake again about what WE want to do. becuase I need his support in this as well, and to me it’s just not my decision. I am going to try to convince hi mthat we can get through this, and just say how I really feel. Becuase I have had about 6 and a half months bonding with this baby, feeling it move and everything, so of coarse I am going to be moreattatched to it than he is. But I am hoping with the talk on Sunday it can help ease things so we can come to an agreement.
Then hopefully, I am bagging for Sunday to go well, so shortly after I can tell my mom.  I am honestly scared to death to tell her, thone big thing that I am most nervous about, is that she is going to change her opinion on Jake, and lose trust is us. I know what I did wrong, I can see my mistake, and I can hope my mom can understnd that when the time comes to tell her. Not only that, but I do need an ultrasound and medical help so I can know for sure how far along I am, and if the baby and I are really okay, and in good health.
The lady at the Health Center guessed I was about 26 weeks with this wheel things according to my last period. So, we’ll see what happens and how everything goes ):
I want to thank all of my friends on here for talking me through a lot, and helping me.. You guys are a lot of help.
Thank you!