So I've been with my bf for a lil over 2 years and lately I dunno…….I feel like no matter how much I try he just doesnt or wont get me.  We had an abortion  2years ago and honestly its been down hill since then.  He's tried to make it work but honestly ever since the abortion I've never felt the same.  I asked for a break but he didnt want to take a break&nbsp ; so we tried to stick it out but…..i've been forcing my emotions for someone eho I can no longer pretend to care for.  I mean i lovehim I truly do but im almost 25 and I need someone I can rely on financially, emotionally, mentally etc.  And honestly he's none of those.  Great guy he'll give you the  shirt off his back but I dont know I need more I need someone I can rely on….I dunno if I'm just being cranky but I just hate feeling like I'm the man in the relationship.  I work. I go to school.  I must plan our weekends.  Its like I'm the dude.  I dunno lemme stop rambling, its a new year hopefully with new beginings.