Baby boy has been locked in loaded in my pelvis. Or so I think. 

About three hours ago(after going pee)I got INCREDIBLE pressure on my bladder, like you can’t imagine&I have had the urge to pee like craaazy since.

I asked one of my friends who had a baby recently what it felt like and she said the exact same thing. I go to the doctor on wednesday so I’ll ask then, I also think it could be a uti, but I’m not sure. It doesn’t burn or sting when I pee, its just uncomfortable. Oh well, all things to ask on wednesday. 

I’m happy he’s so low though, I can breathe so much better and he’s let up off my stomach a little so I can eat a bit more.

I’ve also developed numbness in my left wrist.. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome maybe? Hey, I heard its common. 

Other than that, everythings greatt(: