i went to the doctors every day this week but thursday! i had 2 us and 3 stress tests, this time all his stress tests where good thank god! and my fluid wen to from 7 to 8.5. he had a growth scan this week too ill remind you that at 34.4 weeks aj was 3lbs 14 oz, i went on Friday to my regular ob not the special docter i see and they did a growth scan aj came up as 3lbs 13oz at 35.5 weeks i asked them how could that be they said its human error and he didnt loose weight but they dont think he gained any either. i dont get it i have been eating and eating i gained 3 1/2 more pounds but aj didnt grow and i dont know whyim starting to get worried the past 2 weeks befor he gained over 5oz a week now he didnt gain any. they said when i go back for my growth scan on thursday this week they will measure him and talk to me about options but they didnt go any further into it idk im just really worried