well i just turned 18 and and i started dating this boy Tyler in the begining of aug of this year. the only bad part about dating Tyler is i dont know love him. one night we were hanging out and getting drunk.and well you know what happened we ended up sleeping together on the 8th and on the 19th. i didnt think anything of it. a few weeks down the road my and my mom were talking about babys and how you know that your prego…that day me and tyler went to the dollar store to buy a test the next morning i took it and it came out pregnant. i started talking to mom again and i showed her the test she took me to walmart to buy another test and sure enough it came out saying i am prego. i got my mom to take the other test just to see if it was true cuz i was freaking out !!!! and hers came out not prego i started to cry and called tyler and told him… but the problem is i dont love him but i havent told him and im 6 weeks and 2 days. i dont know if im wrong for just being with him cuz of the baby????please help me