Hello (: I am dong pretty good. So is my son in my tummy, lol. He’s still very active.

I keep waking up in the middle of the night with hives and swollen hands (I used to always get hives – before I was pregnant) So it’s nothing new really. Last time it happened was when I was laying in the grass drawing a picture. Then, this time.. I was outside barefoot carving out a mini pumpkin. So I think there might be something outside I might be allergic to or something.. 

When I was little I had to go through lots of tests for my hives as they were trying to figure out why I kept breaking out in them (what I was allergic to).. But no one found anything, lol.

So today is Canada’s Thanksgiving. (: So Happy Canadian Thanksgiving to everyone!! (: Hopefully everyone has a great day!

Today I might be going up town with my mom. Then my boyfriend should be coming over this morning, or this afternoon depending if he has band practice or not. He says he does but the vocalist heard nothing of it, so I am waiting for Jake (my boyfriend) to get up and tell me what’s going on lol.

Ohh :3 I had chocolate (Nestquick) cereal for breakfast! I also drink a lot of water – yum yum! Ohh! As well as lots and lots of ice cubes! Which I will be having shortly.. Lol.

I am pretty tired right now. I need to find a way to sleep more. Even though in like a month I will never sleep again! xD

Buuuuttt, I am going to go (: I hope everyone has a good day.

Talk to you later,


Ps. I have my next doctors check up tomorrow. (: