ok lets start off im 15 almost 16 and have been dating my boyfriend for 2 years. 5 months ago we became parents for the first time to a son who wasnt even ours. on july 6th of 08 this lady called she had a newborn baby bone 2 days earlier she said she needed help she had to get a few baby items and would return later. she dropped baby christopher off at our house where my boyfriend and i life together . as soon as she left she got on a plane to washington and ditched her cell phone we have no way to reach her. now 5 months later we have had to adjust to life as parents. when we started out we had issues we werent ready at all in one weekend we turned our spare room into a nursery had to go out get all the baby stuff we needed not to mention we had no clue how to raise a baby. but we have raised christopher as our son and r trying as hard as we can now to get full custady. trying to deal with a new baby at school is hard when chris is sick we take turns on watching him and have aggreed to not miss much school our grades are important.our families have helped alot they helped get us set up and helped show us how to be good parents. now after raising christopher for 5 months we look at him and think about having our own baby. well now that wish is comming tru because we just recently found out we r pregnant with our first child.