My pregnancy journey…I’m 29 years of age, 23 weeks pregnant and expecting baby girl soon.

This is my 2nd pregnancy after 6 years. We’ve been trying to get pregnancy for almost a year and thanks to God its an answered prayer.

Last Feb. 2018 we didn’t know that I was pregnant. No signs its just that i was sick for 2 weeks. March 1st week I was planning to have a paps-mere. Thanks to God it didn’t happen because of the doctors availability.

March 7th I did my first pregnancy test and its NEGATIVE.. I was so stressed thinking why I didn’t get pregnant until now. So I waited for March 10, 2018 for my monthly period luckily it didn’t came so i waited again until March 15, 2018. March 16, 2018 i decided to do pregnancy test again and finally I am 7 weeks pregnant.

My pregnancy journey didn’t goes well the doctor advised me to take bed rest. I was scared thinking if I lost my baby because of my spotting.

Last June 4, 2018 we decided to do the ultrasound and thanks God my little angel is okay but still i need to do extra care from now on.
On to this day, i am having hard time to sleep at night.. Its always I’m awake at night and sleep at day time.. Now i can really feel my baby is kicking. I am hoping and praying that she well be OK until i gave birth soon.

By Baby Girl