this is a really good website for young parents i am only 18 and am expecting my first baby on thw 31st so not too long now and i am really excited although its not all been easy my mum kicked me out when she found out, i never wanted to have children ….. and alla that and it is really tough to cope with for some more than others i guess but why dwel on it? having children is the most rewarding thing ever otherwise we wouldnt be here would we? our parents love us no matter what may of happened in the past so it cant be all bad, i just wish people would see the positive side to having children wether they were planned or not and no matter what age you are if your mature enough to have sex in the first place then you should be mature enough to cope with what every else may happen too or am i way off the mark with this? be positive it makes life so much better! fair play i am very scared but i would not change having a baby for the world. 🙂