I got pregnant when i was 16 me and my boyfriend couldnt of been happier which is more than i can say about everyone else, most people thought it was a bad idea that i keep my baby because i was so young and had 'everything going for me' like college etc and had my whole life ahead of me, everyone had their own opinion to what i should do but me and my bf had already made our minds up that we were keeping our baby but didnt tell anyone at first, but as my pregnancy progressed everyone got used to the idea and got generally excited especiallly after we heard his heartbeat and went to the first scan i must admit i was really worried about being a young mum and thought over my options quite a bit but now when i look at my baby boys smiley little face im sooooo soooo sooooo happy that i choose to have him, i made the right choice even when hes up at 2am in the morning crying his eyes out and i have to drag myself out of bed to make up his bottles i have to smile and thank god for giving me something so special, everyone loves him to bits and are glad that weve got him, i cant imagine my life without him now, he means the world to me and i know things can only get better from here 🙂