I was 17 then when i knew I was pregnant,I was afraid at first .I dunno what to do,I had think of the worst things that will happen to me..I keep my baby until 4 months | do wear supporters anything just to hide him,It even came to my mind to abort him,just for me to free,and can live life again in normal..But maybe it was not meant to be done..december 23 2008 its I bought some abortion materials..everything was ready that time..But guess what i wake dec. 24 2008 the aborting med hasn’t been drink yet..so i  told myself I will do it tonight forgive me God but I have to do this..right after my thoughts sink in to me,my aunt came rushing to the house and ask my mom to talk something serious..I was very nervous at that time..and then blast!!!!mom knew everything..everone knew about my situation..mother did not beat me but she did not talk to me for almost a year that was painful though!!!but I have to accept it.Its my price..And now I am a successful young mom..even though I havent done with college I can say I can my baby’s needs..