I haven’t been on here since January when i had just found out i was pregnant at 14 years old and i didn’t know what to do, well since then i had my handsome little boy on September 15th 7pounds 8ounces at 6:17am his name is Blade Alexander Borden i love him with all my heart i cant imagine how my life would be without him <3 … I’m not with the father anymore due to his lack of responsibility and the fact that he is an xxxhole, but I’m fine without him i have plenty of help from my mom and my older sister who is 18 and is having her first baby in April =) I’m very happy for her.. so this is what has been going on for the past months that i haven’t been on and i want to send my love out to all the girls who are feeling down, don’t feel like you can do it, or really want to… you can do anything you set your mind to, i did and I’m so happy about it

one love everybody <3 😉