My name is Miranda, I’m 25 years old. I’m here because I  cant really talk to no body about my abortion and thats killing me . My story is I was dating a guy for 3 years we always just to talked about having a family together he was the first guy I had sex with I lost my virginity with him went I was 20 years old. I found out I was pregnat I gave him the new I never expected

his answer he change right away he told me it was not his he didnt want nothing to do with me that I was just a H*E wow he just broke my heart I was in so much pain I couldnt tell my parents they are really old fashion I felt like my world had ended I could trust no body . He call me to meet him at the park I though he had chance his mind I was so wrong he trow $400.00 in my face and said ” do what u have to do I dont want that shit” I couldnt belive that the man I loved was telling me that I trow the money back at him but he play with my emotions making me more scrared that I was I felt i didnt had an exit telling my parents I was pregnat and the guy didnt wanted to do nothing with me was not an obtion I fear my parents they are so closed minded I love them so much but they have gave me all the material things never show me how much they love me …….I decided to have the abortion I didnt know how far I was He took me I was crying since I got there I told him how much I hated him he did care.  I was done having the abortion I still couldnt belived what I had done . He took me to my car I had it drive to my house so weak he leaved me like a piece of trash on my luck, the night he call me and ask me how you feeling I was still crying I told him I felt so bad why me hhe just told me I dont want no more drama I just click. I was for 3 days in my dark room not knowing if it was day or night just by myself sleeping crying didnt talked to no body I felt like I was death . Every day I remaind my self I had other options . I felt really bad I kill an inocent baby, I have never had peace after that I cant enjoy life its so hard for me to be happy…. I hate my self for doing that I wish I had never than that . wow I feel so guilty ………………….