I think the hardest part of finding out you're pregnant is the worrying. Worrying about telling your boyfriend, your family, your friends. Worrying about the future, money, education, jobs, a place to live. My first thought was "this is a life sentence." I am going to have something that i can never walk away from when it frustrates me, or break up with when i cn't be bothered anymore. This will be my life, and other people will have an opinion on it. (i'm only seventeen)

But since i found out, which is about 3 months ago, i have grown up so much and MY opinion has changed entirely. This is something i will have for the rest of my life. But it is NOT a negative thing. Everyone i care about have been supportive from day one, most of them are probably just as excited as I am.

Life is not short. Life is the longest thing you will ever do!There is plenty of time for college and a career. It just has to be put on the back burner for a while.

And all the people with opinions? If i wanted them, I'd ask! This was my life the last time i checked and since when have my decisions affected you??? So the people who tut when they see my pregnant belly? i dont care. The people who gossip about me and say nasty things? Well I think it was eleanor roosevelt who said "small minds discuss people". Worry about whats going on in your life, not mine!

But lastly, The biggest thankyou has to said to my family,friends and of course my boyfriend who have and do continue to support me, no matter how out of control my hormones are. For anyone else who has any worries about whats going to happen…..another favourite quote is "The only person standing in your way is you." In fairness who else would dare stand in the path of a rampaging pregnant woman???

Que sera sera…you just have to deal with the hand your dealt. Do your best and ignore the people who try to put you down. They have no idea what this situation is like until they are in it themselves.

So for now, im happy to be covered in stretch marks, hormonal as hell and spending the majority of time in the toilet. I've made my peace with my situation and hopefully I'm growing into the type of mother my kid will look at and say I wanna be just like my mum.